What is Connect Kansas

Connect Kansas - Supporting Communities That Care is about:

  • Strengthening communities as places where children and youth are safe, connected to others, and supported by concerned, involved, and responsible adults* Ensuring the hopes and dreams that we have for our children will come true
  • Preventing problems before young people become statistics
  • Developing thoughtful public policy and investing resources in ways that achieve meaningful results
  • Supporting active, sustained citizen participation, community-wide ownership of issues, and local action tailored to local needs

Using Connect Kansas Data

Connect Kansas is assisting communities in protecting children and achieving results.

  • Kansas Data and Planning Guides, organized around caring community outcomes, will be available for all 105 Kansas counties. This information, designed to assist communities in addressing issues that matter to them, will be updated annually. The data will be available on-line.
  • The Community Resource Assessment Guide will assist communities in identifying federal, state, and local resources that are available to address the nine caring community outcomes.
  • The electronic Community Documentation System is supporting more than 100 communities in tracking progress in implementing local action plans. This service will be available to all participating Connect Kansas communities

Connect Kansas Outcomes

Connect Kansas is organized around 11 developmental outcomes:

  • Families, Youth, and Citizens are Part of Their Community?s Planning, Decision-Making and Evaluation
  • Families and Individuals Will Live in a Safe and Supportive Community
  • Pregnant Women and Newborns Thrive
  • Infants and Children Thrive
  • Children Live in Stable and Supported Families
  • Children Enter School Ready to Learn
  • Children Succeed in School
  • Youth Choose Healthy Behaviors
  • Youth Successfully Transition to Adulthood
  • Adults are Healthy, Self-sufficient, and Contributing Members of their Communities
  • Seniors are Healthy, Independent, and Appreciated Members of their Communities